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Scones made with buttermilk are the pinnacle of tastiness. Far, far better than mere milk for flavour and texture. Dinner is pasta bake (sort of Mediterranean inspiration with courgettes, aubergines, tomatoe, peppers, onions, with turkey mince and conchiglie) but I'm not sure we'l be hungry if we keep nibbling at the scones. We [livejournal.com profile] whirlywitchette and I) made both fruit and cheese scones and had quite a bit of fun in so doing :)

Last night I was pottering about on the computer and listening to some Regina Spektor on myspace when it occured to me that it was about time for a new Tori Amos album. I know I looked about Christmas time but I don't remember ever seeing a release date for the new album. Anyway, it's coming out tomorrow here in the UK. It's already floating about on usenet, and there are some tracks to listen to on Amos's myspace page. I whiled away a pleasant half hour before bed reading about the album on Wikipedia and reading some of the blogs of the album's voices.

We went swimming today so R has been eating almost constantly since we came out of the pool. No surprise there!

Last night was the most rubbish sleep I've had in a while. I can't blame wine as I didn't have all that much and it was a very nice shiraz. It wasn't Sunday so I didn't have my usual Sunday night pre-work worry - I just slept badly. R came into the bed at about 3am so that was the rest of the night kaput as she kicked like a donkey until she got up.

My colleague K had a bizarre dream the other night where the two of us were working in a used clothes shop/charity shop. Pamela Anderson came into the shop and donated a load of clothes and apparently we were really worried about these clothes as we thought they'd be all high legged red swimsuits. They were all lovely clothes though, and K and I wanted to buy some nice shirts and blouses but they were priced at £100 each and neither of us could afford them...says K, 'Does that mean we are underpaid?'


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