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Scene: Bath filled with bubbles, small child frolicking in said bubbles, adult sitting on toilet seat reading

Child: Tara, I love you
Adult: I love you too, honey
Child: Shark is going to swim to the bottom of the sea. See, there he goes, swim shark, swim, off he goes skating on his surfboard look at him go! I am livign in this house until I have my surgery. Now it is time for whale to skate.
Adult drops book and tries to work out if she has heard corectly: What did you say, Roisin?
Child: I will stay here til I have my surgery and now it is time for whale to skate!


She hasn't come across surgery any time either D or I have been with her, so I don't know if it's school or Cbeebies where she has encountered the word.

We spent most of the night giggling as we tried to work out where she would live after her surgery!
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[livejournal.com profile] whirlywitchette's recovery from her head injury left her in flying form today, and a rather nice day it was too. We got up nd pottered about, eating breakfast and playing. About 11am we walked out to the shops where we had a good browse. First to Yorkshire Trading Company where we looked unsuccessfully for a rose for the watering can but bought a cheap set of watercolour paints and a packet of paintbrushes of varying sizes for the budding artist. Painting is the new big thing. Next we went to Wilkinson where we acquired a rose, £0.99 for a plastic one though I thought about getting a metal one at the princely sum of £1.29. We also bought some cheap and cheerful cookie cutters. They are only white plastic, so I have doubt about their potential longevity, but they serve their purpose if we get a year or so out of them.

Nxt up we went to Peacocks as I wanted to lok though their lingerie for some cheap underwear. Apparently they cater primarily for size 34B or 34C - yes, that's a great help to me. Before I could look very well, though, we had to dash to Sainsbury for Roisin to avail of the toilet. She wanted to go back to the clothes shop but I couldn't be bothered, so we did the grocery shopping instead. We stocked up again on baking goods as there was neither oats, dessicated coconut nor brown sugar in the cupboard. I knew there was plain flour, and wholemeal flour too, but we got some more self-raising flour. I never used to use self raising, but have used a lot of it lately. I need to buy bicarbonate of soda/baking soda next time I shop.

Roisin got her choice of a treat at the supermarket - she choose pitted black olives again :) Lunch was sandwiches, multigrain bread spread with hummous and filled with sliced gammon and tomatoes and olives for Roisin. Yummy.

We made two sets of biscuits and tuna pasta bake this afternoon. My Anzac/New Zealand biscuit uncooked mixture was divine, but the cooked biscuits aren't quite right. I think it may have been too wet. Next time I'll use [livejournal.com profile] buzzy_bee's recipe again but I was out of bicarb of soda this week so used a recipe with baking powder. They taste nice, just not perfect.

The other biscuits we made, so Roisin could use the new cookie cutters, were basically a spiced dough. I really need to stop baking in imperial measures, but I've been baking since I was Roisin's age and I think in imperial for baking. The spice recipe was rather good:

4oz (100g) butter or margarine
3oz (75g)m caster sugar
I egg, separated
7oz (200g) white flour ( I used self raising)
1/2 tsp mixed spice
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2- 3 tbsp (30 - 45ml) milk

Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in the egg yolk. Sift in the flour and spices, then mix to a soft dough with the milk. You could use brandy but I used milk and it was good. Knead lightly and roll out on a lightly floured surface to a depth of 1/4 inch od 5mm. Cut into rounds of 2 inches or 5cm (or use cutters of your choice) then bake at Gas Mark 6, 200 degrees C, 400 degrees F. I baked for 10 minutes but you can brush with lightly beaten egg white and caster sugar and bake for a further 5 minutes if you like.

Now it' s time for Grey's Anatomy and David might dish out the dinner :)

I might post a picture of the biscuits later, and I need a cooking icon.


Oct. 28th, 2006 07:24 pm
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In the category of Not-So-Cute-Things-They-Do, a [livejournal.com profile] whirlywitchette story:

Roisin has a cold and a runny nose. She was fine while we were out but we've just come back in and I think the change in temperature caused her nose to run profusely. First she wiped snot all over her face with her hand, then decided to play with my mobile. That, unsurprisingly, needed cleaning. She then came over with a book for me to read to her (Snow Friends, a winter favourite) and stood beside me while I read. I was only half paying attention to what she was doing as I was reading to her and responding to her comments, until she announced 'I clean my nose with your hair!'

She did indeed have a chunk of my hair wrapped around her fist and was using it to wipe her nose. Charming. Truly delightful. When asked she did get a baby wipe to clean her nose, but still seems a bit baffled as to why exactly I was disgusted.

I now have a streak of damp hair and Roisin has been reminded of the location of the tissues. Unfortunately she hates wiping her nose or having it cleaned. Will there ever be a week where she doesn't seem to contract some bug or other from playgroup? (Ask I, rhetorically)
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Live8 is a hit with [livejournal.com profile] whirlywitchette. She has been bouncing around the room and bopping and clapping. Oh and swinging her shoe around her head, as you do. Apparently. I was going to watch Wimbledon this afternoon, but decided in favour of Live8 instead. So the tennis scores are being viewed on the PC. It would probably be better if we turned the TV sound down and the radio on, but we don't have a radio in the livigng room currently. Anyone know who the guitarist who played with Elton John was?
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I just picked up all [livejournal.com profile] whirlywitchette Lego Quatro blocks and piled them into their storage box. She is sitting behind me and happily pulling the entire lot back out. Should I not know by now what will happen when I do that? ;-)


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