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A couple of rants, prompted by my journey home from work yesterday.

Locked up the library and went out to the car. Got in, put my work keys in the glove compartment, put the key in the ignition. Looked up and saw a flyer pushed under the front windscreen wiper. One of my pet hates, that is. Half the time when flyers are put on my windscreen it rains and I end up scraping soggy cheap paper off; frequently i don't notice the flyers until I'm about to drive out onto the A1 and they start flapping and I never, ever even read the damn things. I don't care if it's a 90% off sale, I object to people putting leaflets I don't want onto my car, unasked. I pulled the one off yesterday and stormed off to the bin with it. But then I realised the nearest bin was at the far end of the precinct, and in my temper I hadn't locked the car, so I went back and threw it into the boot to get rid of it later. What I really wanted to do was to go and throw the flyer in the door of the shop it was advertising, but I thought that might be a bit of an over reaction so I resisted the temptation to give way to my temper.

There were roadwork on the way home. The electricity company was apparently working on the cables. There were signs every few hundred metres warning of Danger - Overhead Cables. Er yes, the cables are always overhead. They haven't moved. I can't not drive under them, I have to stay on the road. I can see the cables. If what you mean is that the workforce might be in the road, say so. If you mean watch out for trailing cables, well fair enough but I'm still limited as to where I can drive. I think it's the most pointless kind of signage there is.

Not exactly a grrr thing, but I missed the Red Arrows flying overhead today. Both [livejournal.com profile] whirlywitchette and I heard them as we were in the playground, and she says she saw them, but I couldn't see a thing for the trees. The playground is called Seven Oaks, and oaks aren't the only trees there. It is lovely in summer :) Must remember to bring money tomorrow as I sponsored a couple of people doing the Great North Run.

I'm not sure if it's that our washing machine needs a thorough clean out and possibly a run through with no clothes in it, but I have noticed mysterious stain spots on clean clothes lately when I have been ironing. Initially I aw spots on a couple of dark coloured shirts, but as they are old enough i just thought it wear and tear. I have seen a couple of lighter shirts/tops develop spots though, and I know they weren't stained when they went in. Oh, and I changed back to biological detergent, and the first one washed the clothes fine, and smells pleasantly, faintly clean, but doesn't dissolve in the drawer. So I bought some Surf to which neither D nor I are allergic - but they have changed the fragrance from the last time we used it and it, frankly, stinks. It's not an unpleasant smell but it's way too strong. Even clothes that have blown on the line all day smell too much of detergent for my liking. I tried using half the recommended amount, as I think they suggest too much anyway, but it still smells just as much, so now I'm using it up quick ;-)
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My pay is wrong again. The second month in a row I've dropped back down two bloody payscales and not received my acting allowance. Bloody incompetent useless tosspots at payroll.


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