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It's such a lovely late autumn day here that I'm going to go out for a stroll down to the market for a browse. If nothing else, I'll stock up on some fruit and vegetables and crunch over some large mounds of dried leaves. It's been very windy here the last couple of days so the deciduous trees have suddenly lost most of their leaves.

Then I'm going to come back and have scrambled eggs and toasts for lunch. After that I'll sort my vegetable rack, if I find one at the shops on the way back from the market, and finish tidying the kitchen.


Feb. 3rd, 2008 11:32 am
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I have just had a fit, thinking the washing machine had died and us with mountains of laundry to do - but as I eventually realised, the machine is not going to fill with water when the door is still open. Must run the machine through later on a hot wash, it looks a bit grubby though the clothes all seem to be coming out perfectly clean. Apart from one shirt of David's, but then he used it to wipe something unpleasant off the floor and didn't think to put stain remover on the patch on the shirt...

I wonder if bicarbonate of soda will clean the gunk residue off the drawer? It did a wonderful job on removing the unpleasant smell of sour milk in the fridge and of course it's wonderful for some stained dishes. Hmm.

I intended to take Roisin swimming at lunchtime and then go upstairs to the cafe afterwards for a scone and tea but it's very wild and windy here and she is refusing to go out. She is terrified of the wind. She cried on the way home from school two or three days this week as it was so blowy and she had a restless night last night as the wind was howling at her bedroom window. Unfortunately the prevailing wind and the worst gales we get tend to blow straight at her bedroom window. I've offered several times to turn her bed so her head isn't as near the window but she won't have it.
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Must not be hideously grumpy.

Am not grumpy. No, really, I am not grumpy. If I tell myself so frequently enough, it will be true.

I don't know why my mood is so irritable; I was fine earlier. Roisin had a snooze this afternoon, David had a snooze, I read my book. It's not as good a book as the last couple by the author but it's far from bad.

Maybe I am hungry. The pasta bake (fusilli, tuna, tomato, onion, pepper, courgette, sweetcorn, garlic, herbs) should be ready in about 5 minutes. With a bit of luck, food will restore my good humour!
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I have taken this week off as annual leave as it's Roisin's birthday on Friday. Not that I really needed an excuse, it was feeling like time for a break and a getaway from work for a little while. It's been fine lately, if not particulary challenging, but that's mosly due to the fact that I've been at quieter branches.

David is in the middle of a project on Roisin's room. He is building a storage area and shelves for the end of the bed. it's a funny, small room with a sloped area at the end of the bed, near the door, and it's dead space. Some neat storage with a hinged lid which will provide a flat surface for drawing etc will do wonders for the room. I hope. It should mean that we can get it a bit tidier. The living room needs a blitz as well but that seems like an overwhelming task. Must sort out some clothes to give to the charity shop as I just don't have enough storage space. It's not like I have mountains of clothing, either!

In preparation for putting the books on the new bookshelves, I carted all R's books down to the living room yesterday and put them on LibraryThing. It did nothign for the chaos in the living roombut gave me great satisfaction. It is very sad that I thorouhly enjoyed doing it, I am supposed to be on holiday from that sort of thing! It makes me wish I was working in our Materials section as I love that sort of work. We usually just import cataloguing data though so it's not too exciting.

I want to start all David and my books now. That would definitely need a paid/lifetime account as there's no way in hell we have fewer than 200 books ;-) There turned out to be 105 in Roisin's library. Some of her Thomas board books were part of a set from The Book People or suchlike, I need to manually add the remaining 8. Two of said books suffered from a juice spillage so are not in a good state. I suspect one is unreadable and if so, it's going out. There will be a few more to add when they turn up in the great living room tidy of 2007.

The kitchen reeks of gloss paint now. Even though the door is closed the smell has permeated the whole house. The shelves and box have been painted in white gloss but need another coat before it's all put into place. The odour might make my MIL's visit shorter than usual!
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For the last two days, I have been intending to update the journal of [livejournal.com profile] whirlywitchette upon the auspicious occasion of her reaching her third year of life, but I have forgotten the password to her LJ account. Oh, what a bad mother am I! In truth, all I need to do is swop to the other machine because I think it's saved on that version of Semagic. This is the pc that we tend to use most and I keep gettng the urge to update when I'm on this one.

So on her birthday Roisin had her two year check at the Health Visitors. As usual, she was her charming and sociable self. She is doing well, still about 50th percentile for weight, appropriate motor skills, ahead developmentally in her verbal skills. She played away happily, pretend drinking tea from a cup with me and throwing a ball about the room, kicking it. Refused to stand on the scales, had to be carted across to the clinic to the sit-in scales. Ha!

Friday she woke up with a cold which she has generously shared with her parents. Because she's feeling rubbish, she has come back into our bed.

I am back to work tomorrow and dreading it. Nothing new there. I rarely dreaded work up to a few months ago, and I used to really enjoy it. Hopefully I will soon, one day. I will miss dealing with customers and the bibliographic side of it whenever I start my new post.

This afternoon I sat down to watch the second last episode of ER season 2. The DVD player refused to work, so I ended up watching it on the computer. Possibly too many episodes of Kipper: The Classic Collection have killed it. It seemed like it would be a good idea to take out my knitting, which last saw daylight when I was 9 months pregnant, with which to potter while watching but somewhere along the line I lost the needles. As I hadn't progressed very far with the project, I ripped it all out and walked to the shop for new needles after the season finale.
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The cake that will become, upon decoration, [livejournal.com profile] whirlywitchette's birthday cake is in the oven right now. It looks like it will become a hedgehog, complete with chocolate buttons for spines. Her birthday present has been purchased and she received an advance in the form of a Thomas the Tank Engine book she spotted in Wilkinsons. I'm taking a break from the warm kitchen before going to prepare tonight's dinner which is Beef and Guinness casserole.

Last night I started to read Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. I'm not sure what age I was when I first read it, though I know I had two copies, one abridged and one full version. It seems to be that I would have been about 8 when I first read the abridged version. It strikes me as interesting that this copy I am reading, the Penguin Classics version of 1989, contains what I knew as a child as the sequel Good Wives as well as the full Little Women. It seems that in the US Good Wives was just part 2, published about a year later, but in Europe was published as a separate book under a title the author of the introduction thinks Alcott would have hated. It solves a minor mystery that I had forgotten about. Watching Friends one year at university, I can remember an episode in whch Joey is reading Little Women. Somehow he finds out before the fact that Beth dies - this led to much dicussion amongst thos of us watching as no one remembered her dying. I was sure it was in the sequel, but if the sequel is part of the book in the US, it explains it.
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Today I got my day off. As a normal example, I work Monday 9 - 7, Tuesday 9 - 5.40, either Wednesday off then Saturday in/full Wednesday then half-day Friday, Thursday 9 - 7/ 9 - 5, Friday 9 - 1 or 9 - 7, Saturday 9 - 1. I'm working this Saturday but the only day off I could manage to give myself was today, which was a bit of a pain. What I really wanted to do was to have Wednesday off and go to Dublin, but there was no way that was happening. Originally I was supposed to be going to a meeting Wednesday, then that was cancelled but I still worked to cover another gap. The upshot was that I had loads of things to do today. Of course, I got very few of them done!

First on the list was going to the tip, never got there. Would have had to collect all the rubbish up first and that's David's job because I'd chuck things he wants. David was finishing the plastering in [livejournal.com profile] whirlywitchette's room. Rubbish builders who did the house had done a seriously bad job on the walls. When we went to redecorate huge chunks of the wall were coming off. Made for an unusual look ;-)

Didn't do any of the boring things like washing the floor and cleaning the cooker that I intended to do. Instead [livejournal.com profile] whirlywitchette and I went to Borders, to get a magazine for David, Vintage Guitar magazine. Roisin and had a good time playing with the blocks they have in the kiddies' section, then she played with the bead runners and I looked at some children's books. We chose three for her, but when I went to pay for them I thought better of it. She really isn't much into reading, she likes to look at books and play with them, but she won't let me read to her at all, and she hadn't much interest when we were choosing the books. So I started to second guess whether I was really buying the books for her or for me, and whether I could justify buying them in a lean month. I put them back and waited to see if she's get upset, no, she clapped. Bye bye Daisy and the Moon, The Gruffalo's Child and Sharing a Shell!

We went next to Mothercare where [livejournal.com profile] whirlywitchette discovered something she really wanted, a wooden abacus. I bought that for her instead. Returned home with David's magazine, then decided to go out again, this time to the MetroCentre. Had to get new shoes for Roisin. Her not-very-old at all shoes had an unfortunate ducking, didn't dry properly, and were mouldy. It was very embarrassing in Clarks when we took the shoes off, I hadn't realised quite how bad they smelled! But we got new boots, and I will try washing the old ones so she will have two pairs. She had no change in shoe size - typical! They had a much better selection for her this time.

Tonight I fancied having boeuf stroganoff but D doesn't like it much, so we're having pizza from Domino's instead. Now to decide on the type.

It's the last day of September, and I hoped I would finish my current book in time to put it on September's list, but I don't see that happening without 3 hours of solid reading tonight. And that's not going to happen! Yet again I haven't read as much as I'd like, but I have enjoyed everything I did read. No non fiction though, I don't think the Cultural Development Plan, Neighbourhood Strategies or the cookbooks I browse at lunchtime count! [No, I don't read the council plans at lunchtime, that's the cookery books]

Further to my comments above about Roisin not being too keen on books - she is sitting on the sofa at the moment, reading a book. The book is Keeping Watch by Laurie R King, my current read. Despite reading it backwards, she seems to be impressed with it. She is telling me her interpretation with great excitement. Said book was originally published in 2003, in the US, but has only been published in a large print edition here, as her publishers believed that there would be no market for a book with a Vietnam theme here.


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